DNS 101

Route 53 - Amazons DNS service

History: Route 53 (Route 66 is the first roud across america, DNS is on port 53)

What is a DNS?

IPv4 vs IPv6

Top Level Domains


These top level domain names are controlled by Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) in a root zone database which is essentially a database of all available top level domainds

Domain Registrars

Sample domain Registrars (where you go and buy domain name)

Start of Authority Records (SOA)

The SOA records store information about

NS Records

NS stands for Name Service Records

Sample Flow of Execution

Whats an "A" records


What's an TTL?


What's a CName?
A Canonical Name (CName) can be used to resolve one domain name to another.

Alias Records

Route53 Exam Tips

Common DNS Types